Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Bennington Museum is, of course, where the original quilt is kept.

I'm going to have to remake this triangle because it is very, very off. I had to order more fabric since this one used up all three charm squares I had.
Don't let this scare you, however. It's not a hard block. Just be careful, which I clearly wasn't.

CD users: Remember to change the block size to 5"x8" before printing.
The triangle can probably only be foundation pieced or hand pieced. You'll have to piece it in sections and then sew them together.
Mine were as follows. I forgot to cut the third section from the bottom in two. You can cut it on either side of piece no 5. You'll need to do that. It cannot be foundation pieced as one unit.

My completed sections. I left ½" seam allowance on the outside edges so I could trim it down accurately when I was done.

Now assemble the pieces to make your block. This is where I ran into trouble.
I pieced it from the top down. I would recommend going from the bottom up.
Check the alignment after each section to make sure you're going straight up. Mine is a little like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which, unlike the square blocks, will be impossible to insert into the quilt. Of course I only noticed this when I had trimmed all the seam allowances. This is why I'll have to start over completely.
The fabric looks cute though.

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