Wednesday, January 21, 2009


A simple appliqued block.

Out of your main fabric, cut a 6" square and cut it on the diagonal twice.
Out of your background fabric, cut a 6" square and cut it on the diagonal twice.

Sew the main fabric triangles to the background fabric triangles as below. Press the seams open.

Complete two squares as in the photo below. Press the seams open.

Cut the center section out of one of the squares to reduce bulk.

I decided to use the "freezer paper on top" method for the applique on this block, since it's such a large applique piece.
Trace or print your block onto freezer paper and cut out the center "flower" shape. Iron this onto the right side of one of your fabric squares, carefully centering it.
Cut out a seam allowance of about 3/8" all around. On the sharp inside corners, clip the seam almost to the freezer paper.

Place the flower on the right side of the other fabric square, lining up the seams and making sure you have opposite fabrics resting on top of each other. If all the seams line up, the flower shape will be in the center of the block.
Baste through all layers making sure to leave room to turn the fabric under when you do the applique.

Applique the flower onto the fabric square. Make sure the seams stay lined up. You could even applique the sections where the seams line up first to make sure the applique doesn't shift as you go.
Press and trim the block to 5" square.

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