Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Get ready for some applique!
I decided to use reverse applique for everything on this block. I think it is more accurate but that may just be because I suck at regular applique.

Print or trace the block diagram onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out. Cut into two sections on the horizontal line.
REMEMBER: If you print it, change the block size to 5" x 8" before doing so.

Cut out all the "inside" sections of the block. (See the photos in the following steps.)

Cut a rectangle about 4" x 5" out of background fabric.
Cut a rectangle about 4" x 5" out of main fabric.

Using a hot, dry iron, iron the top section of your block diagram onto the right side of the background fabric. Make sure that you leave enough fabric around the edges for seam allowances.

Cut the inside of the diamond and the melon out of the fabric, leaving a small seam allowance. Clip the inside rounded corners.

Place the main fabric you cut face up on a table. Place the background fabric on top face up. Baste through all the layers, making sure that you leave enough space to the seams to be turned under when you applique.

Reverse applique the two shapes.
Trim the seam allowances all around to ¼".

For the bottom part of the block, cut the fabric rectangles about 6" x 7 ½".
Repeat the same steps as for the top part to reverse applique the shapes.
Since the bottom applique removes a big section of fabric, I marked the bottom corners of this section before starting the applique so that I'd know where to cut the bottom seam allowance afterwards.
Trim the seam allowances to ¼".

Remove the freezer paper from both sections.

Sew the sections together.

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