Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Reverse appliqued.
Print or trace the block diagram onto freezer paper and cut out as in the photo.

Cut a 6" square out of main fabric.
Cut a 6" square out of background fabric.
Iron the freezer paper templates onto the right side of the background fabric square, and cut out along the edges, leaving small seam allowances all the way around. Clip the inside corners. You will have two seperate sections.

Place the main fabric square right side up on the table. Place the outer background section freezer paper side up on top and baste through all layers. Baste far enough away from the edge to make sure you have room to turn under the seam allowance when you applique.

Reverse applique along the inside edge of the top shape. Remove the freezer paper and press.

Place the remaining background fabric section in the center of the block right side up and baste through all layers, once again making sure that you'll be able to turn under the seam allowances.

Reverse applique first the outer edge and then the inside of the clover.
Remove the freezer paper and press.
Trim the block to 5" square.

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