Monday, February 28, 2011

Finished a couple of RBJ blocks

I had a couple of Rainbow Jane blocks that were complete except for the applique.
I figured that, since I "had" to sit in front of the television for a couple of hours to watch the Oscars, this would be a good time to work on them.
And keep my hands out of the cookie jar. Do you tend to eat while watching television?

I prepped them beforehand and laid them out on the kitchen table.

This way I could get to them one by one without missing one moment.

BTW...I'm not normally an obsessive television watcher.
I just love the Oscars.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Calling all bloggers!

Yesterday I decided to remove the list of "Jane" bloggers in the sidebar, since most of them had gotten really outdated.
I didn't think anyone was even looking at them any more, but now I've gotten a couple of emails wondering where they went.

So...if you have a blog where you keep track of your progress, leave a comment here with your blog url and I'll add it to a new sidebar list.

Made this baby last night:
B-1 (2 pieces, 55 minutes)
I put two new progress charts in the sidebar.
One for Rainbow Jane and one for 30's Jane.

Friday, February 25, 2011

30's Jane!

I'm making slow progress on 30's Jane.
It's fun.
I do love these fabrics.
I've decided that this time I'm going to keep track of the number of pieces as well as how long it takes me to make each block.

So far:

A-1 (28 pieces, 50 minutes)

A-2 (40 pieces,60 minutes)

A-3 (9 pieces, 105 minutes)

If you'd like to join the Block-of-the-Month or Fabric-of-the-Month, there is still time. We'll start on the 2nd Monday of March.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Call me crazy

I just couldn't help myself.
You try and spend every day surrounded by 30's fabric and kits and resist.
If you'd like to join in on the craziness, I have both a BOM and Fabric-of-the-Month starting in March over in the store (sorry about the shameless plug).
I'm going to follow the sequence of the BOM in making the blocks, but I don't think I'll make the triangles this time round.

I've created a Flickr set just for this quilt over in my photostream.
I will, of course, also share pertinent photos in the "That Quilt" group.

My plan is to start the quilting on my original quilt (the one that started it all) soon. The plan is to quilt each block individually, so that could be another 2-year journey.  I will share over here, so stay tuned.