Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I looked at this block last night and thought, "Oh, this is easy. I'll whip it up tomorrow morning quickly." Well, two hours later...
I used a combination of foundation and regular piecing for this one. I have taken to using freezer paper for some of my regular piecing too because it really helps avoid fabric distortion.

So, these are my pattern pieces for the block.

Foundation piece the applicable pieces and cut the others out using the template. I like to leave a ½" allowance on the sections that will be the outside edges of the block, allowing me to trim it down accurately when I'm done.

Assemble the center octagon.

Clip the seam allowances on the two pieced side sections almost to the seam line as shown in the photo.

Attach them to opposite sides of the octagon as shown. Stitch the center seam first, then the side seams.
Make sure to line up the seams correctly. I used the "pin" method I described when making block B-3 to do this. Press.

Clip into the seam allowance of the two non-pieced sections almost to the seam line as follows.

Attach them to the block, once again lining up the seams and stitching the center seam first.
Trim block to 5" if needed.

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