Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I've had a few requests to make the center block, so here we go.

As those of you who have been following this block may know, I hate piecing curves and almost always try to avoid it. More often than not this leads to applique.
If you're hand piecing this block, by all means piece the curves.

Note: The diagram in the book doesn't look like Jane's block. There is a section missing on the ends of the x's. Use the picture below to amend the diagram if you want your block to look more like Jane's

Print or trace your block onto freezer paper.

Cut out the sections marked in yellow, being careful not to cut into the freezer paper anywhere else because you will need the center "x" sections later.

Iron each section onto the right side of your background fabric. Cut out along the curve leaving a seam allowance of about 3/16". Clip into the seam allowance to within 2 or 3 threads from the freezer paper every ¼" or so.
Trim the straight edges, leaving a seam allowance of exactly 1/4".

Cut 4 squares of about 4" out of your main fabric. You could get away with less fabric, but I try not to take chances.
Place a main fabric square right side up on the table. Place a background fabric piece (with the freezer paper ironed to it) on top, right side up as well.
Baste through all layers being careful not to baste too close to the curved edge. You want to be able to turn the seam allowance under.

Reverse applique around the curved edge. Refer to some of our earlier blocks for more information on reverse applique. If you search for "reverse applique" in the blog you will find all the blocks I used this method on. C-9 was the first one.
Complete all four triangles. Trim the excess main fabric away on the back of the sections. Trim all the seam allowances to exactly 1/4".

I chose to foundation piece the narrow strips that form the center "X" of the block using the freezer paper method.
Here's my numbering for the sections. I ignored the teenie little triangles on the ends.

(Remember you can click on the photo to see a larger version.)
Leave ample fabric on the sharp ends of these sections. You can always trim it back later.
Line up one short strip and two corner triangle pieces as follows.

Attach, making sure that your seams line up. Repeat for the other short strip and corner triangles.
Attach the long strip in the middle of the two sections you just made. As always I sewed little sections over the intersecting seams first to make sure they're lined up before completing the entire seam.

Trim the block to exactly 5" square.

For some or other reason having the center block made gives me a sense of accomplishment.

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