Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is the "advanced" block in Row B.
We're foundation piecing.
Give yourself plenty of time.
Do not try to skimp on fabric.

What I found hard about this block was not the construction, but the accuracy. My block is very wonky. I will probably redo it, but my method will not change.
My problem lies in pressing. If anyone has advice on how to stop distortion when pressing teenie strips of fabric, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

I have the CD, which makes it really easy to print foundation patterns but, since I know that many of you don't have the CD, I did not use that function to make the pattern for the block. I can therefore share my method with you. If you have the CD, just print the foundation pattern and off you go!

One again, I am not going to provide a detailed lesson on foundation piecing. If you need more resources, do have a look at block B-4 or search online. There are many very helpful sites out there.

Because of the complex design of this block it cannot be foundation pieced in one piece. We'll have to use a combination of foundation and regular piecing.

We are first going to make 2 rectangles and two squares as follows.
Trace each rectangle/square onto your foundation paper from the diagram. Remember to add ¼" all the way around.

Cut out each little foundation pattern and, using the numbers provided, foundation piece the 4 sections.

Sew them together as follows to form two rectangles.

Cut a strip of your background fabric 3/4" wide by the length of the long side of a rectangle. I cut it a little longer and trimmed it down afterwards.
Using this fabric strip in the center, attach the fabric pieces as follows.

Using the diagram below, trace the four corner triangles (shaded purple) from the diagram onto your foundation paper and cut out, leaving ¼" seam allowance all the way around.

Using the numbering in the diagram, foundation piece the four triangles and attach to the four sides of the square you made in the previous step.

To help line up the triangles correctly, I drew this diagram. I hope it makes sense. (Replace "edge" with "corner")

Cut four 3/4" wide strips, at least 1" longer than the sides of your pieced square from your background fabric and attach to the sides of the square as follows.

Trace and piece the four outside triangles as you did the previous ones using the numbering in the diagram.

Attach them to the edges of your pieced square. I found that centering them is quite easy. (See the photo)

Trim the edges straight.
Cut four strips of background fabric 1.5" wide by 6" long. The outside border of the block is ½" wide, but I cut these strips wider because this will be your opportunity to correct the size of the block in the end.
Piece the strips to the edge of the block in the sequence shown in the diagram.

Trim the block to 5" making sure to keep everything centered.

As you can see my block is decidedly wonky. Any "straightening" advice will be welcomed by me (and, I'm sure, many others).
If you have any questions or notice any errors here, please let me know.

Good luck!

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