Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I calculated that, if we don't want to be stuck doing all triangles in the end, every third or fourth block will have to be a triangle from now on. I'm also thinking of doing a couple of "all triangle" weeks. This will give those who are not doing triangles a chance to catch up on other blocks, but those of us making the triangles will not be so lucky.

I made this block at 6am this morning, so the photos are quite awful. I'm planning on making another Baby Jane just so I can set up a little lightbox and retake all the photos.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper.
REMEMBER! If you're using the software, change the block size to 5"x8" before printing!
Number and cut apart sections as follows.

Foundation piece the individual sections. Trim all seam allowances to exactly ¼".

Assemble the block in the following sequence. Be careful to line up all intersecting seams and keep everything squared.

If you are making a diagram of your quilt and are having trouble putting the triangles on there, let me know. I'll help you trim them.
Have fun!

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