Thursday, August 27, 2009


Triangle time!

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out as in the photo.

Foundation piece all the numbered sections.
If you're not using freezer paper for foundation piecing, trace the top triangle section of the block onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out. Cut out the center diamond.
Cut a 3" x 4" section out of background fabric and iron the freezer paper shape to the right side. Cut out the center diamond leaving a small seam allowance. Clip into the seam allowance on all four corners of the diamond.

Cut a section at least 1/2" larger on all sides than the center diamond in the top section of the block out of main block fabric. Lay this right side up on the table. Place the fabric with the freezer paper right side up on top of this and baste through all layers.

Reverse applique the diamond.

Trim the top section to size, using the freezer paper as a guide. (Trim 1/4" from the freezer paper on all sides.) Also trim away the excess main block fabric from the back.
Sew the two top sections of the main block section together.

Sew the triangular sections to the bottom.

Sew the top triangle to the top and the bottom section to the bottom of the block.

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