Friday, August 14, 2009

Quilts Galore!

I just discovered a new group on Flickr with photos and lots of links to completed "That Quilt"s. It's AMAZING! I did not realize that there were that many out there.
This one is by Jean, who is a member of our Flickr group and has been sharing her individual blocks with us.

There are many, many others over there that I don't have permission to share, so do go have a peep.
These Japanese Janiacs have done a splendid job!


  1. So much inspiration! I've seen the flickr group (and I love to go there and gaze), but the Japanese versions are new to me. WOW!!!!

  2. HI I am just starting my Dear Jane quilt. I'm doing it with other ladies from our craft group. Its my first quilt too.

    It looks amazing in the photos.

  3. I just discovered that Flickr group this week, too. Thanks for the link to the Japanese Janiacs. I especially love #7 in the pastels with the soft green fabric between the triangle blocks.

  4. I just went back to the the #7 Japanese Janiac. Check out how the quiltmaker arranged her colors -- it's subtle but wonderful! There's a dark teal diamond (not subtle). Through the use of color, that large diamond is divided into four smaller pastel diamonds. I like this more than the TRTW arrangement that I've been doing. Mind you, I have no plans to start over!

  5. Thank you for sharing Jean's Addiction on this website. Blush.