Monday, August 10, 2009


I can feel us moving closer to the end of the Dear Jane journey because I'm now choosing blocks to try and "fill in the gaps" and not just random blocks.
Don't sit back on your laurels though - we're far from done.

A simple little applique block.

Out of main block fabric, cut two 2" x 4" rectangles.
Out of background fabric, cut two 1" x 2" rectangles and one 5" square.

Cut one of the 2" x 4" rectangles in half lengthwise.
Sew the 1" x 2" background fabric rectangles to the other 2" x 4" main fabric rectangle as in the photo.

Cut the pieced section in half lengthwise, resulting in two 1" x 5" sections.
Mark the positions of the leaf shapes on the 5" x 5" square.

Applique the two leaf shapes into position and trim the square to 4" x 4", making sure that you keep the appliqued shapes centered.

Sew the 1" x 4" rectangles to opposing sides of the center square.

Sew the pieced rectangles to the top and bottom of the block.


  1. I was absolutely delighted to find your blog. I'm getting ready to start 'that quilt' and it was wonderful to find a blog with such great tutorials. Thanks you!

  2. I too am thinking of starting "that quilt". I have a penchant for large print cottons whereas I notice most Dear Janes use batiks or small-prints. Do you think a large-print would look ok, or would it detract from it in your opinion?

  3. I love the fussy cut you did on the center melon. Very pretty! :)

  4. I am 13 blocks into my quilt and am SOOOO GRATEFUL to have your tutorials to refer to- I've never done non fusible applique before- so thank you so much for all of your information!!