Wednesday, May 27, 2009


It took me a while to figure out a way to make this block and have it look good.
Please let me know if my instructions are not clear. Remember you can always click on a photo to see a larger version.

Print or trace the block diagram onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out
Important: You have to mirror the block diagram.
Trace the two leaf shapes onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out.

Cut a piece of background fabric about 3" x 6"
Cut a piece of main block fabric about 4" x 7"

Mark the lines of the bottom block section onto the right side of the main fabric piece and the lines of the second block section from the bottom on to the right side of the background fabric piece. Be sure to mark the position of the leaf shapes too.
Make sure that these markings leave enough space around for 1/4" seam allowance.
A light table comes in handy for this or you can hold the diagram and fabric up to a bright window.
These markings do not have to be 100% exact. They are just there to ensure that there is enough fabric around the leaf appliques for the rest of the block section.

Using your favorite applique method, attach the leaf shapes into position on the two fabric rectangles (Background fabric leaf onto main fabric rectangle and main fabric leaf onto background fabric rectangle).
Cut the bottom two block sections from the freezer paper. Score along the seam lines to allow the freezer paper to fold easily along the lines. Cut out the leaf shapes. The freezer paper will come apart. Don't worry about this. Just make sure you cut on the lines.
Place the block section with the background fabric leaf right side up on the table. Position the freezer paper template of the bottom block section on top of it, lining up the leaf shaped hole in the freezer paper with the appliqued leaf. Using a warm iron, iron the freezer paper to the fabric.

Fold back the freezer paper on one of the scored diagonal seam lines, pulling it loose from the fabric up to the seam line. Using a ruler and rotary cutter, cut a 1/4" seam allowance as in the photo below.

Lay a piece of background fabric right side down on the block section, lining up one straight edge with the straight edge of the 1/4" seam you just cut.
Stitch 1/4" away from the edge. Be careful not to catch the freezer paper in the stitching.

Press the seam open along the seam but leave the freezer paper folded. To stop the freezer paper from sticking to the iron, place a piece of scrap fabric between the freezer paper and the fabric.
When the fabric is pressed down well, fold the freezer paper open and iron to the fabric. The seam line on the freezer paper should line up with the seam you just sewed.
Repeat this for the other side of the block section.

Using the same method, construct the other appliqued block section.
Attach the small main fabric triangles (1) first and then the larger background fabric triangles (2).

Cut out and number the other block sections as below.

Following the numbers, foundation piece the sections.
Trim all seam allowances to 1/4".
Remove the freezer paper from the front of the bottom two sections.

Complete the block by sewing together the block sections in the correct order.


  1. Just 3 letters...
    Amazing that is!



  2. Yea for freezer paper!!! Thanks for the tips. I'm not ready to do the triangles YET...

  3. Hoo boy. This one looks tricky! You did a great job-- and thank you for figuring it out for us! :)

  4. I love it. I just wished I found this blog earlier (when you all started). But in Australia or downunder we can be a bit slow lol.
    How beautiful. I just got back into patchwork and started my own blog. I would love to make this quilt too, but it might take some time to catch up.