Friday, May 15, 2009


Spacier and spacier...
But here it is.

I'm kind of into applique right now.

Print or trace the block diagram onto the dull side of freezer paper if you use freezer paper for applique or regular paper if you don't.
software users: Remember the block is 5" x 8"

Out of background fabric, cut a rectangle 6" x 9".
Using a light table or window, trace the position of the leaf applique onto the right side of the background fabric. Make sure that you have enough background fabric around the applique to complete the block plus its seam allowances.

Cut the leaf shape out along its seam lines.
Lay the freezer paper leaf dull side down onto the wrong side of a piece of main block fabric.
Using a disappearing marker, trace around the shape.

Now cut the leaf shape out of the fabric, leaving a seam allowance to turn under when you applique.

If you're using the "freezer paper inside" method, lay the freezer paper leaf shiny side up onto the wrong side of the main fabric cutout. Iron the seam allowances over, making them stick to the freezer paper. Remember to clip the inside corners.

Place the prepared leaf on the right side of your background fabric rectangle, lining it up with the lines you traced earlier.
Pin or baste it in place. I've found that, because I have the guide lines to follow, it's not really necessary to baste.

Applique the leaf to the background fabric.
Here I clearly forgot to take photos, so bear with me.

Cut a slit in through the background fabric under the applique and pull out the freezer paper. Press.

Print or trace another copy of the block onto freezer paper and cut out on the seam lines.
Cut out the bottom shape on the seam line, but keep the freezer paper section you cut out.
Lay the freezer paper block pattern shiny side down onto the right side of the appliqued background fabric. Carefully line up the leaf on the pattern with the appliqued leaf. You can use a window or a light table for this.
Iron the freezer paper onto the fabric until it sticks.
Cut the background fabric along the bottom curved section, leaving a seam allowance.

Cut a piece of main block fabric 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" or large enough to cover the cut out bottom section and allow seam allowances.

Lay the main fabric rectangle right side up on the table. Lay the other block section right side up on top of it. Baste along the curved edges, far enough away to allow for turning under the seam allowances.

Clip the sharp corners and applique along the curves.
Fold the top triangle section of freezer paper back along the seam line. It will help if you score the line before doing this.
Using your ruler, cut the 1/4" seam allowance.

Pull the freezer paper back another inch or two, but do not allow it to fall off.
Using a 1/4" seam, sew a piece of main block fabric along the seam line. Make sure that this piece of fabric is large enough to be covered by the top triangle plus seam allowances. Press open.

Iron the triangle freezer paper section back over the fabric you just sewed on. Please the freezer paper section you cut off the bottom earlier back into position and iron on. (I forgot to do it in this step.)

Using the freezer paper as a guide, trim the block, leaving 1/4" seam allowance.
Remove the freezer paper and press.

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  1. I think this is one of my favorite blocks. It must be the leaf. Yours is so very pretty in pink! (And great job on the applique!)