Thursday, May 21, 2009


I love this block. Some of Jane's blocks are so beautiful.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, cut out, and number as in the photo.
If you're not using freezer paper as your foundation paper, trace the inside shape of the block onto the dull side of freezer paper.

Foundation piece the numbered sections and trim their seam allowances to 1/4"

Cut a 4.5" square out of background fabric, and a 4.5" square Out of main block fabric. Iron the freezer paper shape onto the center of the main block fabric square and cut out along the curved edges, leaving a seam allowance. Clip the curved edges almost to the freezer paper every 1/4" or so.

Place the main block fabric shape right side up onto the right side of the background fabric square and baste. Do not baste too close to the freezer paper edge because you will need to turn the seam allowance under when you applique.

Turning under the seam allowances, applique the main fabric shape to the background fabric square.
Using the freezer paper as a guideline, trim the square to 4" x 4". This means leaving a 1/4" seam allowance beyond the freezer paper edges.
Remove the freezer paper and press.

Lining up the seams and applique edges, sew two opposing triangles to the center square.
The square will extend beyond the triangle edges. This is correct because we will be "chopping off" the corners of the square.

Once again lining up the seams and applique edges, sew the other two triangles to the square.
Press the block and cut off the little flaps extending beyond the edge.


  1. I never noticed this block in the quilt. It is gorgeous!

  2. Fantastic, what more can I say. Thank you. x

  3. Pretty block, pretty fabric, wonderfully pieced! Thanks!!!!

  4. Thanks for posting on my give a way..good luck!!

    Your "Jane" blocks are spectacular. KUDO to you for undertaking this wonderful quilt.