Thursday, May 7, 2009


No foundation piecing! Truly strange...
And nine patches. Those seem to be in the air these days.

AND...on Monday we'll pass the halfway mark!

Out of background fabric cut:
four squares 2" x 2"
one strip 1" x 11"
two strips 1" x 5.5"

Out of the main block fabric cut:
two strips 1" x 11"
one strip 1" x 5.5"

I cut the strips a little longer than needed to make sure that I have enough length to cut down later, but you can cut them exactly if you want. They would then be 10" and 5" long respectively.

Sew the strips together in threes as in the photo below.

Cut each pieced strip into 1" sections, 5 for the short strip and 10 for the long strip. Lay them out in threes as below.

Using these little sections, make 5 nine patches. I could not get these to lay flat for the photo. They're nine patches, trust me.

Sew the nine patches and solid fabric squares together in threes as below.

Following the block diagram, sew the three sections together to form the block.


  1. Ohhhh soooo sweet! Pretty fabric, lovely block!

  2. yeah and easy one!. (relativity speaking.)since I did this block for J-7 (accidentally) I will be doing a J-7 now in the colors for this block and swapping positions on the quilt.

  3. Perfect and just in time! I will do this one tomorrow!