Thursday, October 13, 2011


First, a lesson. Don't do this:
Make blocks halfway, then store them in little ziplock baggies without labeling them. You won't remember. Trust me.


  1. that's why i'm taking a rest from my 'garden'jane ... LOL! dj is a great challenge, but i was pitting myself against whoever made that crazy schedule. sigh ... i'm going to finish, but will work across the rows, row by row at my own pace. i'm too old to work with a piece that's 3/4's of an inch long, but i perservere!
    never the less, i♥dj!

  2. oh yes! I cursed and swore and tore those little buggers out many a time!! I-12 Fred's Squre Fair! But I tell you I have many not so very nice names for some of these LOL!! I do so love them! If they were easy I would not continue with them! Where is the challenge in that!!

  3. LOL! Oh, my. I feel for you. I'm almost scared to look at some of my UFOs because I know I'll be completely lost.

  4. I don't ever dare stop in the middle of a block for fear of doing just that. I wanted you to know that I included you in my blog today. Thanks for all of your great tutorials and posts about Dear Jane.
    You can read about it here.