Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I wanted to name this post "Woo-hoo!" but since I have a naming convention...
I finished "the block". The hard one. The one I simply could not figure out.
What follows is what I did and not necessarily the best method.

One thing I know: try to sew as accurately as possible. Even the teeniest misstep can result in big problems.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out the sections as below.
If you're using freezer paper for foundation piecing keep the "frame" part of the block diagram intact, else trace or print the block diagram onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out the "frame".
Foundation piece the three sections and trim the seam allowances to 1/4".
Don't worry about the sharp points of the sections. They aren't going to show.
Sew the three sections together.
Mark the four kite sections on main block fabric.  NOTE that they're not symmetrical. Take note of which side will face the center of the block.
Cut the kite sections out only along the two seams that face toward the center of the block.  Leave ample fabric on the other sides (at least 1/2" beyond the seam lines of the kite).
Sew the four sections into the appropriate areas on the block.
Sew only the two "inside" seams.
Yes, you will have to use set in seams.  (Sorry.)
Cut four 4" squares out of background fabric.
Use these to make four half square triangles.
Sew them together as if you're making a pinwheel.
Iron the freezer paper frame you made in the beginning to the right side of the block, lining up the seam lines.
Cut out the center section, leaving a scant 1/4" seam allowances. Clip the inside corners. (Actually you can just unpick the seams up to the freezer paper edge.)
Place the foundation pieced block section right side up on the table.
Place the "frame" section right side up on top of it, carefully centering it.
Baste through all layers at least 1/4" away from the freezer paper frame edge.
Turning under the seam allowances, reverse applique the "frame" to the block center.
Trim the block to 5" x 5", i.e. 1/4" beyond the freezer paper edge on all sides. Remove the freezer paper.
Cut away any excess fabric from the back of the block.


  1. Congratulations on completing this block!

  2. Woo hoo, indeed! And it looks gorgeous too! :)

  3. It was a tricky block! I actually divided the whole block in fire parts and paperpieced the whole thing. The only difference from the original is that the diamondshapes are split in two parts. You can hardly see it:)

  4. I did something similar to Lene and divided the block into four parts, cutting each big diamond in half.
    but yours looks better! Plus with certain prints that you wish to feature, your way is better. Congrats on finishing!!!

  5. I have been dreading this one, but you made it look easy. Yours turned out great.

  6. Woo hoo may be an understatement. Wow, that is one of the hardest looking blocks I've seen yet. Thank s for falling on the sword and trying it first!

  7. Glad this one is finished. I used a couple of methods to put it together. It is not perfect but it looks pretty good. Thanks for all your help.

  8. Thank for your help : I had difficults to build this bloc !!!! I have appliqued the diamonds ....not perfect but ir's MY bloc LOL !!!!!

  9. That's why I'm only making the easy ones! LOL. But that might not be too bad to paperpiece like other people suggested.

  10. Congrats on all your finished blocks! Found your blog through the BPQ website,and have started following.