Thursday, June 11, 2009


Yes, it's time for another triangle.
Foundation pieced.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out as in the photo.
Important!This diagram has to be mirrored.

Foundation piece all the numbered sections and trim seam allowances to 1/4".

Sew together the three smaller sections.

Attach the smaller of the side sections.

Sew on the other side section.


  1. Thanks, thanks, thanks with your tutorials it's more easy to work.
    ciao ciao

  2. I love it! It's blocks like this that have me wondering why I'm not making the triangles, too! Are all quilters geometry geeks like me?

  3. Oooo!!! This looks like a perfect contender for stripes! I can't wait to do this one! (Have a little catching up to do first though.) :)