Thursday, June 4, 2009


An easy one because it is about 100 degrees up here in my studio.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper and connect the seam lines as in the photo below.

Cut the diagram in two and number as below.

Foundation piece the two numbered sections and trim the seam allowances to 1/4".

Following the block diagram, sew the two sections together.
The center of the block was extremely bulky, to the point where I couldn't press the seam open. Since I was going to applique anyway, I cut the center thick section out to take away the bulk.
If there wasn't an applique on top I'm not sure what I would have done. Any suggestions?

Applique the circle in position on the block.


  1. LOL! It's funny how one's perception of easy kind of changes over the course of making this quilt! :) I really like this block. Yours is so pretty in purple!

  2. Hei there!
    Came just over via Nunavut!
    It's great here! I always admire people that can sew so nicely...I am not that good at it, although I offer sometimes stuff to do so.
    Have a look my my pretty ribbon items at! But anyway, you are most welcome to visit my blogs in generell! You live in a place of great interest to me, so let me hear from you.
    European Greetings

  3. I do not cut this PPing block in half, but only cut through one side [horizontal line] to the center. I lightly draw around the INSIDE of the circle 1/4" and trim out the paper. This helps to know where to stop when PPing and like you mentioned, the center is so bulky it gets trimmed out anyway so I just don't put it in to begin with. lol. By only cutting one sewing line to the center, this block really goes together quickly and lines up perfectly!
    Thank you for your blog... I read it faithfully!

  4. At the time I made it, I thought it was very hard. Interesting how it varies from quilter to quilter. PS. Did you post yours on Flickr?

  5. This one went together in a snap for me! I had the same idea as Cyn, but ended up doing it in two halves as shown. I'll be posting it on my blog soon. As always, thanks for the great blog!