Thursday, March 19, 2009


My sewing machine is all packed up to go to retreat, so we have a "no sew" block today.

Please note that this block is quite different from the one in the original quilt. Jane actually appliqued 8 teardrops and made them look like 4 hearts.

The block is all applique and I'm using freezer paper for this.

Print or trace the block diagram onto freezer paper and cut out the hearts, leaving the rest of the freezer paper as intact as you can.

Cut a 6" x 6" square out of background fabric and iron the "background" freezer paper section onto the right side.
Iron the four hearts to the right side of main block fabric and cut out, leaving a seam allowance all around for turning under when doing the applique.

Using a disappearing or washable marker, mark the position of the hearts on the background fabric. Use the freezer paper "template" for this.

Remove the freezer paper from the background square. You will now have markings to help you position your applique. If the markings disappear before you're done, you can always use the freezer paper to remark the block.

Using the markings as a guide, position one of the hearts on the background square and baste securely.

Applique the heart to the square, turning under the edges as you go.
Remove the freezer paper and press.

Applique the other three hearts using the same technique.
Trim the block to 5" square. If you want, you can iron the freezer paper template back onto the block and trim 1/4" away from the edges.

There will be no block on Monday, since I'll be away at retreat. A good opportunity to catch up if you're behind or just take a little break if you're up to date.


  1. So pretty! Have lots of fun at your retreat.

  2. Love the fabric!
    Thanks and enjoy every minute of your weekend-retreat!

  3. Anina! I hope you had fun on the retreat. I just had to let you know, amazingly, I am all caught up now!