Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Signups for the Next BOM Session are Now Open!

Good news! Signups for the next BOM session opened up this morning! The number of signups available are limited this time, so I recommend you act swiftly if you're interested.

In other news, I've decided to follow along with the 30's Jane BOM this time. I think this may be the only way I'll ever get her done. I will be completing the blocks in the same order the kits go out, and using the same fabric.

If you'd like a little extra nudge to make (or complete) one of these quilts (you don't have to be in the BOM), this could be your opportunity. More info to come in a future post.


  1. I have started this quilt as have the book but very slow with measurements and wondered if there where templates! Happy Stitching.

  2. Hello, Anina. Thanks for informing about the signup process. I'm going to sign up asap. SO I don't have to in the BOM right? Thanks again for letting me know. Cheers! Gloria Berbet

  3. Oh, and that's me again. I'd like to thank you for the tutorials as well. They are really very helpful.

  4. I guess I don't know how to sign up for this. What does it cost and where do you sign up?

    1. You can click on the link in the post or go to the web site: