Thursday, January 27, 2011

Filling in the gaps

Now that we have the corners on, it's time to fill in with the rest of the triangles.

Once again, I prefer the "chunky" assembly method. I sewed a plain triangle to each pieced triangle first.

And then attached them all to each other.

After that, we can sew the strips to the corners. Remember how you only sewed about 2" into the second triangle when attaching the corner sections? That was so that you could attach the "inbetween" triangles more easily.

Now you should have this:

And, once again, I marked those little seam points.

Stay tuned for another "ta-da!" moment.


Quilt Azubi said...

magnificent work !! :)
I hope I will learn it sometime...

karenfae said...

Coming along great - you will be so glad to see the end results!

•stephanie• said...

your quilt is probably the most amazing thing i've EVER seen.
just beautiful!

nicolette said...

Fantabulous Anina!!! Great job!

Always Sewing said...

This looks wonderful! I know you must be thrilled.

Robin said...

It looks like everything is fitting together without a hitch. Awesome!!!

debi said...

Googled "dear jane" quilts and found your blog. I'm impressed! Wow. Awesome 'block' making. I'm a newbie, so this can be a dream for my future. Thanks for sharing, and for the photos! Debi

Mamacessories said...

Wow...I am not even sure the blog string I was on when I found your blog, but WOW! This quilt is gorgeous! Does the pattern in the Dear Jane book have such detail on the border? This is amazing!