Sunday, October 10, 2010

BLC - Bottom Left Corner

Don't be scared.  This is actually a very simple block.
Once again, I made this in the dead of night, so the photos are a little iffy.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out the sections as below.  Click on the photo to see a larger version if you have trouble reading the numbers.
(If you're printing from the software you have to change the block size to 8" x 8".)
Foundation piece all the numbered sections.  Also cut the two triangular side sections out of background fabric as below. Trim all seam allowances to 1/4".
Cut two 2 5/8" x 2 5/8" squares out of background fabric and cut each in half on the diagonal.
Print or trace the top right block section (see below) onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out as in the photo.
Cut a 4" x 4" square out of background fabric and iron the small freezer paper to the right side of the fabric.
Cut out an approximately 3/8" seam allowance along the inside edge.  Clip the sharp corner.

Important! Make sure you leave enough fabric for the square section plus seam allowances in the fabric.  Lay the square section into position and check that there's enough overlap. I did not leave enough in the photos below and had to redo the whole section.  (Hope this makes sense.)
Cut a 4" x 4" square out of main block fabric and lay it right side up on the table.  Place the background fabric section right side up on top of it and baste through all layers at least 1/4" from the freezer paper edge.
 Applique along the inner edge.
 Place the remaining freezer paper section into position on top of the block section and iron into place.
Trim the block section to size (1/4" outside the edge of the freezer paper).
(This is my remade section.  See how much more background fabric is showing?)
 Remove the freezer paper and basting stitches.
Now, breathe deeply...
I assembled the block starting from the center and working outwards.
The photos should be very helpful here.  It's hard to describe in words.
First make the teenie center star.

 Then add the next two sections to form the sides of the outer star.
 Sew on the top and bottom sections to complete the outer star.
 Sew the next two pieced sections to the sides of the block as below.
 Attach the remaining two similar sections to the top and bottom.
Sew a background fabric triangle (you cut these at the beginning, remember?) to three sides of the block. You can discard the fourth one.
 Sew one of the two uneven background fabric triangles to one side of the block. See the second photo at from the top if you can't remember which these were. Referring to this photo should help with most of the following steps.
Sew two block sections together to form the section shown below.
  Attach this section to the block.
 Lay out the pieced sections shown below.
 Sew them together.
 Attach the resulting section to the top of the block.
Cut two 1" x 6.5" strips out of background fabric.
Referring to the block diagram, attach one to the bottom and then one to the left side of the block.
I attached each with edges extending on both sides and then trimmed them down.
And there you go!  The second corner!


  1. I remember that one from the first quilt I made. Yes it was simpler than it looked. I need to get back to this quilt soon. Now that I am just about caught up on things I do believe fall & winter will be the time to do so.

  2. Wow. You were right to start your post with "Don't be scared." Great work!