Monday, September 6, 2010


Block number 210!

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out as in the photo. Note that two of the small triangles in each side section are not numbered and won't be included at this point. (See the second photo)
Foundation piece all the numbered sections and trim the seam allowances to 1/4".
Sew the smaller sections together as in the photo below.
Attach the top and bottom sections.
Sew the resulting sections to the center pieced section. Yes, you'll have to use inset seams. I found that in this case the easiest way was to sew the center straight seam first and then the two angular seams.
Attach the side sections.
Trace or print the smaller triangles onto foundation paper in sections as below. Number as in the photo. I placed them on the block to help you see which triangles I was referring to.
foundation piece the small sections and trim the seam allowances. I trimmed the edge to1/4" but then later trimmed them down to allow for easier turning under when appliqueing.
Applique the sections into position on the block along the three sides that do not align with the block edge.
I love this block even though my applique leaves a bit to be desired.


  1. Por favor, aunque poquito a poco sigue con nosotras. Somos muchas las que te seguimos y aprendemos de tí..... yo hago los bloques fijándome en los tuyos. Ya tengo casi todos, me faltan 10 solamente, uno de ellos es este que acabas de poner, pero no sé como hacer los triángulos del final..... me parecen dificilísimos. Voy a empezar con los que tú has puesto. Gracias mil por su ayuda.Un brazo

  2. Congratulations! You made this fiendishly complex block look fairly straight-forward. I'm not in a huge rush to make it, but you definitely made it "do-able".

    Susan in Texas

  3. Wow, you did a great job on this one!!

  4. Love it! That sure is a different block than I have ever seen before. Love the colors too!

  5. I'm just starting on this block, so your post is going to be tremendously helpful to me. Thanks.

  6. I hated putting that block together! I need to get back to work on my triangles but I'm waiting until I get some of my hand quilting done on other projects - I really feel the need to finish some things!

  7. I'm a Jane newbie (currently working in Row C). I appreciate your blog sooo much! Your instructions and pictures are so great. Thanks for sharing all your ideas and information.