Sunday, August 1, 2010


This one was hard. I changed methods in the middle of it so I'm not sure I've captured every step in the photos.
Be sure to read the instructions too.
Here goes.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out as in the photo.
Foundation piece each section. Trim the seam allowances on the sections below to 1/4".

Referring to the block diagram, complete the top and bottom block sections.
Print or trace the block sections below onto the dull side of freezer paper and cut out.
Because I use freezer paper to foundation piece I just re-used the freezer paper I'd used for the piecing.
Iron the freezer paper to the right side of the corresponding pieced sections, lining up the seam lines.
Trim the inner seam allowances to 1/4".
Cut a 4" x 4" section out of main block fabric.
Baste one of the block sections to the right side of the fabric.  Leave enough fabric around the section to be able to attach the other section and have seam allowances on all sides.
Turning under the seam allowance, applique the inner edge of the section.
Baste the opposite section into position on the main fabric section and applique the inner edge.
Trim the top seam allowance to 1/4" and attach the top block section to this section.

Here's where it gets a little tricky.
Mark the lines where the bottom block section would attach to the center section on the right side of the section you just made (the one with the applique).
Place the bottom section right sides together with the center section, lining up the seam lines as in the photo below. Sew the bottom section to this section along one side.
Fold the bottom section over and pin or baste into place along the other diagonal seam line, tucking in the seam allowance.
Trim all the seam allowances to 1/4".
If some if this doesn't make sense, please feel free to email me or ask questions in the comments.


  1. Looks good. Beautiful fabric. Congrats on yet another block!

  2. All these explanations are excellent...even if someone can't speak English, the pictures are very clear to understand...I tell my fiends immediately.
    Mariezanne from France !

  3. Lovely! You did an amazing job on this one.

  4. Thank you so much for creating this blog. You are doing a wonderful job of sharing your Jane Journey. I have been stumped at the construction of some of these blocks and your step by step instructions and pictures have been a big help! I now have all my BR triangles done after seeing how you tackled BR7. Thank you!

  5. What a great tutorial. Thanks so much for sharing!