Monday, April 26, 2010


Jane and I have been seriously at odds with each other the last couple of weeks and this block is a testament to that.  Isn't foundation piecing supposed to be accurate?
I'll probably redo it when we make up...
I couldn't even bring myself to put the photo up on Flickr.

Print or trace the block diagram onto foundation paper, number, and cut out the sections as in the photo.
(Did you notice?  My printer ran out of ink just as I was about to print the diagram.)
Foundation piece all the numbered sections and trim the seam allowances to 1/4".
Out of background fabric, cut:
one rectangle 1" x 5"
two rectangles 1" x 4.5"
one rectangle 1" x 4"
Sew the three center block sections together.
Attach the top and bottom sections.
Sew on the remaining two pieced sections.
Referring to the block diagram, attach the solid rectangles to the block log cabin style.
A sad looking block.


  1. lol - just keep in mind when all those blocks are put together no one is going to notice the few that aren't perfect!! I've got lots of them like this and this is the second time around for me :)

  2. Is part of what makes it look off a little, the print that you used? I have done that on blocks, where certain prints really need to be kept really straight, and if they go crooked, even if your seams are right, the block looks crooked...?

  3. I think you've stepped into a location warp. You're in my world. I can never get paper piecing to work for me. Never. And that's why I'm doing hand piecing. I have no idea how the rest of you get paper piecing to work so well!

  4. That fabric would make me hallucinate! I think you did a great job!

  5. I was thinking the same as karenfae and Angela, once the top is finished you won't notice the not so perfect blocks anymore. I also think your choice of fabric didn't do you a favor, I guess the pattern of the fabric makes the block look more wonky then it really is.

  6. I just skipped paper-piecing on this one. Started with the center 9-patch and built from there.

  7. Personally, I'm quite fond of wonky. I have several that look like this!