Saturday, February 7, 2009

Oh my gosh!

A couple of months ago I received a heads up about the following quilt. I can't remember who sent me the link and can't find the email for the life of me, but THANKS! once again.

This quilt is the 2009 raffle quilt for the Empire Quilters of New York City. I think I need tickets!

The picture is very small. Click on it and it will take you to a large picture where you can click on every block to see its detail and also see the back of the quilt.

I'm COMPLETELY awestruck by this quilt!


  1. I agree that is an amazing quilt.

  2. I did buy tickets and I hope I'm the winner - but I rarely win something so I bet it is not mine. It is wonderful - and I love how they did the back.

  3. I've seen this one before. Magnificent! I just can't imagine working with black anymore; it tired out my eyes at 18, I would probably go blind now at 48. lol Better not risk it, but it IS gorgeous!


  4. That is incredible, and I love the name.

  5. Gorgeous!!!! And it is so cool that you can see each block up close.

  6. thanks for letting us know about this quilt Anina.

    I love what they did for the backing.

    I will somehow work out how to get a ticket or two.

    I agree with Susan In Texas, all that black would send me blind.


  7. Wow, this is REALLY an amazing quilt! Just gorgeous. I hope they get a lot of money for all that work.

    You have an amazing blog here so chock full of quilty information!!