Thursday, September 3, 2015


The quilt is pinned! It's still taped to the floor because I have a couple of tiny blood drops I have to try and remove. It's not really a quilt until you've bled on it, right?

I had to make THREE pin runs (actually 4 because one time I forgot my wallet at home and had to go back to fetch it) before I had enough pins for this quilt. It's the biggest quilt I've ever made!
So, how many pins do you need for a Dear Jane® quilt? Somewhere between 800 and 1,000 depending on how much pinning you do.

I pinned once in the sashing surrounding each block and once in the center of each block. I hope it's enough!
Dear Jane pinning detail
And here's how I pinned the triangles and scallops:
Dear Jane pinning details
Off to go try some stain removal techniques.


  1. This quilt is absolutely awesome!! Congratulations. The colours are beautiful - you must be so proud of yourself. BTW Hydrogen Peroxide gets blood out - I use a Q tip to dab it on until the blood disappears. NEVER let the blood dry - you will never get it out then - even bleach doesn't shift it. Good luck - let me know if you get it out. Good Luck
    perry94022 at hotmail dot com

  2. It's wonderful! I'm sure you are so happy to be at this point. I am working on Row E - after 1 1/2 years. I need to work on it more often! Keep posting as you work on it to encourage the rest of us.

  3. Beautiful - I hope to start this quilt one day! I love your brighter colours!

  4. Your own salvia from your mouth should do the trick. You may have to rub it a bit more since the blood has dried. Beautiful top!

  5. Your own saliva will remove your bloodstains; as soon as you bleed on something you should chew up a little wad of cotton or fabric and use it to blot the blood off. Works every time.

  6. Well done for getting back to it. Don't worry about the will be a beautiful bed quilt when finished.

  7. !!! Que trabajazo !!! pero precioso y unico

  8. Your DJ is just stunning. I remember when the DJ Book came out (how many years ago?), I started collecting all the civil war fabrics I could get my hands on. Needless to say, I still have a box full of fabrics, the book, software, rulers etc and yet no quilt. I am very intimidated by this quilt. I've searched for a group, but most are all inactive now. Congrates on your accomplishment.

  9. Beautiful!!!! I love it. Good on you for getting back to it.

    Yep! good old spit works every time, but only if it is your blood and your spit. I always have to do it. I quilt my own quilts and wash and dry as soon as I finish, so no thoughts of yucky germs anywhere.

  10. Yes it is hard to avoid some blood on your quilts. Blood, sweat and tears!!! But that top is amazing and so beatiful. Compliments!!