Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello Gorgeous...

I'm SO excited to be working on Rainbow Jane again!!
177 blocks done.
Progress 10/24/12
I think it's time to start sewing sections together.


  1. Hello, Gorgeous, indeed! :) It is looking truly fabulous!!! Sigh... but now you have me thinking about my poor neglected Jane. I'm going to get it out again soon. Really. :P

  2. Wow - seeing yours makes me want to start mine. I got it as a BOM years ago and have been afraid to start it. Seeing yours is really giving me a push!! I love the rainbow colors.

  3. Looking great so far, glad you're back to working on it. I've finally narrowed down my colour palette ideas tothe one I'll use. Now to audition fabric. Got time though as I won't be starting until Feb 1st. In the meantime, having fun watching your's and others' grow.