Friday, February 25, 2011

30's Jane!

I'm making slow progress on 30's Jane.
It's fun.
I do love these fabrics.
I've decided that this time I'm going to keep track of the number of pieces as well as how long it takes me to make each block.

So far:

A-1 (28 pieces, 50 minutes)

A-2 (40 pieces,60 minutes)

A-3 (9 pieces, 105 minutes)

If you'd like to join the Block-of-the-Month or Fabric-of-the-Month, there is still time. We'll start on the 2nd Monday of March.


  1. Those are just lovely! I haven't gotten that far yet. We started alphabetically and will do our fourth block this week.


  2. great blocks! I love the 30s repros. =)

  3. Your work is exquisite!!! I love the 30's prints you are using this time round, I will be following with great interest!!

  4. I love those prints, someone asked me how long it took me to make my quilt, I had no idea as I never kept track. I would think that this time round it will be easier as you already know each block.

  5. Lovely prints! It reminds me of a project I started several years ago - to make 3 inch Jane Stickle blocks in actual 30's fabrics or real feedsacks. I must get back to that project.

  6. I love thirties too. I saw a truly amazing DJ made from those fabrics when I went to the Chicago Int'l Quilt Fest a couple of years ago. Your piecing and applique skills are quite impressive.

  7. I can understand that it must be hard to resist those gorgeous 30s fabrics :)
    Beautiful blocks :)
    Elly from

    slowly still at her first DJ.

  8. I have not yet started my Dear Jane quilt but I am planning and trying to decide what style and what colors it should have. But I have done a lot of test-blocks and I think it's great fun! If you think my blog is suitable for "jane-bloggers" so feel free to add me there. All of your blocks looks fabulous. Happy colors and perfection. :)
    Regards, Mialotta