Friday, June 11, 2010

Answering your questions

I get a lot of questions in the comment section of posts.
Most of these comments do not have email addresses connected to them, leaving me unable to answer them.
I love answering quilters' questions so if you have one, please E-MAIL me and I promise I will respond. (My e-mail address is in the sidebar.)

BTW, who's up to date and has 200 blocks completed?
Just wondering...

And because no post can be without a photo, this little Valentine's Dear Jane by Trisha.


  1. I'm about 35 blocks behind you, but still plugging along.

  2. I'm only at 197. But I have a good excuse! :P

  3. I just finished all of the blocks for the second dear jane I am making. I'm setting it aside until fall now before I start the border - I need a break! photo on today's entry in my blog.

  4. I am done! Finished the top in April, quilting will be done... in the winter? Pictures on

    So thankful for all the good advice on your blog, it helped me finding the way :-)

  5. Lovely valentine quilt!

    125 blocks finished, no triangles, so still 44 to go and no changes yet. No questions either!

  6. I just started a Dear Jane quilt 2 months ago and have 35 blocks completed in CW Repro's and I'm thinking of starting another so I have 2 in progress at the same time in case I get bored, possibly 30's Repro's.

  7. Pinks & reds definitely give your quilt a Valentine look. Very well done.