Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rainbow Jane

Even though she's not part of this group, Rainbow Jane is close to my heart.
The second month's kits went out last week and when all the blocks are made, this can be completed:
Rainbow Jane - first section
We also have five triangles, but unfortunately they will have to wait a bit to be sewn into the quilt.


  1. Oh my goodness! This is sooo pretty. I love the tiny little colored cornerstones; I don't think I've seen it done that way before. Is this going to be the "full" Jane? If so, it will be awesome! I have to get back to that BOW again or I'll never make any progress.

    Happy quilting,

  2. that sure is pretty - I have seen several in such different color layouts that it makes you want to start another one - Karen

  3. They are beautiful! I like the colors used ... strong!
    I start making my blocks.
    I see my name in their relationship.

    Margot in Brasil

  4. This makes me want to call in sick from work and make this months blocks.

  5. I love the sunny bright colors. When you show the group of blocks in a small setting like that, it seems like an amount that could be accomplished too! I would seriously consider doing this BOM if it were to run again.

  6. Oh wow, that looks fantastic! Is this 3 Baby Jane's you're making?

  7. Just looking at it makes me happy. So very pretty!

  8. Super lovely! I want be able to pan around and look at the rest of the quilt! I will have to patiently watch it grow.